The double parking pallet.

ParkBoard PH pallets move two cars lengthwise.

Pallet systems create parking spaces where there weren’t any before. At the touch of a button, electric motors move the parking pallets along rails, thus giving access to the desired parking space. This enables areas such as access lanes to be transformed into additional parking spaces.

The ParkBoard PH parking pallets can be shifted lengthwise and are available for two vehicles. They can also be retrofitted in existing garages or parking garages.

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  • Each pallet holds 2 vehicles
  • Pallets operated on rails
  • Vehicle measurement widths max. 190 cm, lengths max. 500 cm, heights 10 cm lower than headroom
  • Standard design: 2.000 kg per parking space, optional 2.300 kg
  • Retroactive installation possible depending on local conditions
  • Platform surface: StandardGrip
  • Independent parking

Field of Application

Residential and commercial buildings, single and semi-detached houses, office buildings, underground parking lot, car parks, hotels, car dealing business, long-time parking, short-time parking, subsequent installation in existing buildings.