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The MULTIVARIO integrates 5 parking systemsinto one unit, meaning that instead of worrying about 5 variants, one MULTIVARIO does it all. All the benefits of previous versions such as economy of space and parking comfort feature once again in the Multivario.

With the MULTIVARIO you can select the pit and height dimensions easily and flexibly. The optimum installation begins with a pit depth of 175 cm and a height of 325 cm. No more fixedgrid sizes. Every available cm is utilized for the vehicle and your comfort.

And if there are not enough height and pit depth available -
a reduction of the platform incline by already 1 degree will reduce the space requirement by approximately 5 cm -
without reducing the actual parking space!

The MULTIVARIO comes with the suitable design software ProDesigner, which you can access online at www.multiparking.com.

Also heavy vehicles can be parked on the Multivario. A surface load per parking space of up to 3.000 kg is possible

And...the MULTIVARIO can also be adapted for different vehicle dimensions in the future. Your requirements change, and the vehicle changes; today a sporty two-seater, tomorrow a family carriage, and maybe the day after a 4x4 for off-road comfort. The Multivario satisfies all of these demands.


  • Single platforms (EB) for 2 vehicles or double-platforms (DB) for 4 vehicles
  • Total height: Free selectable from 295 cm
  • Pit depth: Free selectable between 155 cm and 200 cm
  • Vehicle measurement: Heights from 150 to 180 cm, lengths from 500 to 520 cm
  • Distance between platforms and platform slope:
  • Flexibly adjustable, also retroactively
  • Usable platform width for standard type: 230/460 cm, optionally up to max. 250/500 cm
  • Standard design: 2.000 kg per parking space, optional max. 3.000 kg EB, max. 2.600 kg DB
  • Horizontal access to parking levels or space-saving, inclined access
  • Platform surface: StandardGrip, optional AluLongLife or EasyWalk
  • independent parking


Residential and commercial buildings, single and semi-detached houses, office buildings, single garage, underground parking lot, car parks, ready-made garages, hotels, outdoor installation, installation in backyards, in front garden


MultiVario 2082  



Platform incline upper/lower 1°
Platform incline upper/lower 1°

Platform incline upper/lower 5° Platform incline upper/lower 5°  


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