Mayfair, London

The Klaus MasterVario R2C Fully Automatic Parking System, creating 4 parking spaces at a new high end residential development of 2 houses in Mayfair, London. Completed by Klaus Multiparking and Double Parking Systems. An automatic tower system from KLAUS Multiparking is always the right choice if little floor space is available. Rather than being wide, the tower system is either tall or deep – a lift transports your vehicle to a free parking space, where it is safely parked.

The MasterVario R2C model is the premium solution for short access times that uses a minimal amount of floor space. From standard cars to SUVs, the MasterVario R2C recognises the height of your vehicle and finds the appropriate parking space for it. In addition to systems for standard car dimensions and weights, special solutions are available on request. Of course, in many instances, the system can be adapted to your individual project requirements such as this one.